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About Us

It has survived not only four centuries, but we still continue the original tradition, remaining essentially unchanged except for technology changes!

Jemco Advertising Inc. was founded in 1960 by Jack Allen Cougill. The business started as sports calendars and a few placemats for restaurants. Jack sold the calendar business and then in 1966 Jemco Advertising Inc. was incorporated and was the forerunner in the State of Indiana for placemats in restaurants. Jack Cougill and his wife Mary Ann were graduates of BallState University. They moved to Kendallville and Jack taught Industrial Arts and did the placemats for the restaurants part time. He then started his own Construction Company in the mid 60’s and then in the early 70’s Jemco Advertising Inc. became his full time business. Mary Ann did all the office work and accounting while she taught school full time. The business operated at that time out of their home and was mainly the advertising and design work, all printing was jobbed out to local printers. During these years the company maintained an average sales force of about 2-4 salesmen and the territory encompassed Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and parts of Illinois. The business then grew and eventually land was purchased and a building was built for the company, which would include it’s own in house printing in 1994.  We are a small print shop designed for more customized small run jobs.